Who We Are

Hi, my name is Luke, the creator & owner of Eat Local Ltd. I’ve been working on the project for a couple of years now and as you’ll see below it’s come a long way, with a number of revenue streams and a growing active audience.


However, as a one-man band, I’m struggling to take it to the next level, mainly due to there not being enough hours in the day. Currently I am the marketing manager, web designer, street food chef, delivery driver and more!


I’d be really excited to pursue the option of an experienced investor/mentor coming on board, helping to grow the business and guiding it in a direction that I believe on my own I am unable to take it.


If this is a project of interest, please contact luke@eatlocal.co.uk & it would be great to arrange a meeting or initial phone call.

Where We're At

Eat Local is based & the concept ready for SW London.


The 3 current live sites are eatwandsworth.com  eatclapham.com & slicecard.co.uk


I also own the following domains: eatchelsea.com, eatfulham.com, eatputney.com, eatwimbledon.com, eatrichmond.com, eatbarnes.com, eatbalham.com, eatnotinghill.com


Eat Wandsworth is the most advanced in terms of revenue and active audience. Primarily because I live in the area and know a few restaurant and bar owners, so thought this would be a good place to trial Eat Local.

Current & Potential Revenue Streams

We stock and deliver some outstanding local and global wines, offering free local delivery on orders over £20.


Our partnership is with Liberty Wines, a fantastic local wholesaler supplying us with some brilliant wines for our customers.


We also act as the Urban Wine Co’s main London distributor. They produce a fantastic wine called Chateau Tooting which the SW London locals love!


Liberty and the Urban Wine Co deliver to us within 24 hours so we never have to hold much stock.


I have access to a commercial kitchen at no cost to cater for any type of event.


The chefs I have on board can produce amazing food for casual dinner parties, fine dining experiences or canapés for any event.


We organise both food and drink,  along with a professional wine pairing service.


A takeaway offering would be the next logical step considering the freely available use of the commercial kitchen, along with chefs ready to work.

Eat Local has purchased Carpigani ice cream machines, and have just started selling to local deli’s and restaurants, along with showcasing our products at local festivals.


We produce top quality customer favourite ice cream flavours, along with a range of dairy free and vegan-friendly options.


Our ice cream chef is highly experienced & the feedback received so far has been hugely encouraging, with new orders growing weekly.


We believe the health(ier) ice cream space is growing and our product is of the very highest quality available. The branding needs to be worked on and I have acquired 2 or 3 domain names that would suit this market.

ice cream

Our online shop sells products from local producers & other items that we believe our customers will enjoy.


As most of the products are locally sourced, we aren’t tied to holding much stock. We also get asked to sell tickets for local food events which we currently list in our shop and charge a 10% commission fee.


I’ve teamed up with the owners of meatbox.com to sell their cured meat products along with craft beer and wine sales which I believe will prove a success. It’s just getting the time to piece it all together.

I’ve produced a local discount dining card called SLICE (support local independent charities enterprise).


We’ve currently got around 30 local restaurant and bar deals live eatwandsworth.com/slice-card-offers/


I charge £2 per card of which £1 heads to a local charity. Also many of the deals have a charitable element to them, so I’ve managed to raise over £2000 for local charities to date.


Eat Local regularly gets invited to provide a food offering at local festivals and events.


Our ice cream has been a real hit so far this summer and sales have been good. We’ve also supplied other food offerings including Cuban & Italian toasted sandwiches & curries.


It’s a brilliant way to meet customers and engage them with the Eat Local concept.


With SW London being on the whole a very affluent area, profits can be good at these events. We know have enough experience and contacts to be able to pick and choose which festivals we work at.

I feel the next step on from street food is to provide a local takeaway offering. With the food market very much heading in this direction due to the emergence of Deliveroo & Uber Eats, I believe this would be a very profitable route to explore.


I have access to a commercial kitchen, so cost to the business would be minimal. Packaging would be the main expense. The live sites currently have a large active social and newsletter following, so marketing expenses would also be low.


I have already approached Deliveroo and they are very keen to have us come on board.


This would obviously be the most time consuming and largest expense of them all, so is really just a thought!


I was in advanced talks with Quandoo regarding using their system as a partner/affiliate, but they thought I just wasn’t quite big enough yet.


Above being the reason I’m looking to involve a partner/investor/mentor. I believe in the product Eat Local, I just can’t progress it to where it should be as a single operator.